Our classes are each labeled with an activity level. Please refer to the level to determine what class would suit you best.

Level 1. Accessible to every able body.

Level 1.5 mildly challenging.

Level 2. Actively Challenging with previous yoga experience advised.

Level 3. Very challenging with previous yoga experience required.

We honor both traditional and alternative approaches to Yoga with the aim of brining, peace, strength, flexibility, philosophy and nurturing to your mind, body and soul. Each class is unique and will offer you something very different from the other offered classes. We recommend you try a variety of our classes to get the full benefits of Yoga.

Gentle Yoga (level 1)

This class is perfect for everyone, the focus is on embodiment using breath and sensation as the guide. You will be moved through breathwork, modified movements and flow as well as having chanting and meditation woven into the experience. This class will deepen your connection with self in a supported nurturing environment, allowing you to ease into your day aware and grounded.

Slow Flow (Level 1)

This class is great for transitioning into more active yoga, we focus on alignment, technique and learning how to transition from pose to pose. This class is great for beginners or those looking to restart their yoga practice. You won’t have to worry about any advanced poses or transitions so if your looking for a mildly active yoga class this is the one for you!  

Breathe and Be (Level 1)

Establish a weekly breathwork practice with a class that is dedicated  to teaching  you how to consciously engage with your breath influencing many systems of the body as well as achieving deep states of relaxation.  This class will involve compilatory practices such as qi gong, gentle yoga and meditation. 

Revive (level 1)

This class is all about restoring your energy and giving you some mental relief. Great for those with stress and anxiety. The poses are all supported and aimed at promoting flexibility and a sense of calm. Expect this class to be nurturing, involve a bit more time in postures and involve other healing activities and aspect

Hatha (Level 1.5)

Slow, Simple, Strong and Meditative this class will guide you into stillness and challenge your endurance. It can be a very calming class and is more traditionally focused. Expect to hold posture for longer periods of time and to dive deeper into your flexibility

Yin Yoga (Level 2)
Yin is a slow-paced style of  Yoga, incorporating principles of traditional medicine, with Asana (postures) that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles. For beginners, asanas may be held from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more. The sequences of postures are meant to stimulate the channels of the Subtle Body known as Meridians in Chinese medicine and as Nadis in Hatha Yoga.
Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body the Tendons  Facia, and Ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more Meditative approach to yoga, its goals are awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.

Vinyasa Flow (level 2)

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.  Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, it is sometimes confused with Power Yoga.

Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike.  The opposite would be “fixed forms” such as Bikram Yoga, which features the same 26 postures in every class, or Ashtanga which has the same sequence every time.

The variable nature of Vinyasa Yoga helps to develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen if you are always doing the same thing every day.

As a philosophy, Vinyasa recognizes the temporary nature of things.  We enter into a posture, are there for a while and then leave.

Kundalini (Level 2) 

This class is guided as a more spiritual form of yoga and Kundalini energy is referred to as energy that sits at the base of your spine like a coiled snake. The purpose of this practice is said to be to activate this energy through chanting, singing, breathing exercises and repetition of certain yoga postures.

Power Yoga (Level 3) 

Ready to take it up a notch? This class is encouraging, challenging and inspiring. Learn how to stand on your hands, move through tricky transitions and master your will power. This class will challenge you but you are never forced to go beyond your limits. Do your best! We offer modifications, you never have to do all the reps or poses and remember this class is how you learn to improve your practice, we don’t expect you to be a master your first go. We’re all learning and encouraging each other to just be our best.