The Embodiment Retreat “A journey back to your heart”

10-12 September 2021
Castaways, Mission Beach

This is your invitation to embody your body like never before , embracing all the incredible facets that you are.

This will be a safe space to feel your way in , hold space and open yourself up to the abundance of love that is available to us all when we move into a place of full acceptance. Learning to honour our selves in all our phases and stories, all the pieces and fragments that we have suppressed and shamed, acknowledging that none of it is separate from us. You will find through the practices / rituals on this retreat that when we let go of our labels and judgements of how we think we should be , feel and act we free ourselves to fully embody our bodies and to experience the full spectrum of life lead from the heart. Join Kylie and Kellie as they guide you on a journey of embodiment through Gentle yoga flow, Kundalini , Chanting , Pranayama, meditation and Sound Healing.

Held at the stunning Castaways Resort at Mission Beach starting Friday 10th of September arrivals begin at 3pm and finishing up Sunday 12th at noon. 4 Shared Rooms Available at $1,299 ($649.50 per person) 5 Single Rooms $899 Cost Includes beautiful beach side accommodation, full access to pool and lounge areas , breakfast and dinner which is seasonal local produce and will be mainly vegan and vegetarian (lunch is at your own expense), as well as all yoga sessions, chanting workshop, guided meditations and sound healing offerings. You will also receive an exclusive rate for the retreat Spa facility.

There be plenty of time to just soak in all the natural beauty Mission beach has to offer , whether it’s strolling along the beach, relaxing underneath a palm tree journaling or getting lost into your favorite book. You will receive the nourishment your body, mind and soul is craving.

$200 deposit (non refundable) to secure your spot. Payment plans are available. Limited to 14 places so be sure to book in ASAP to avoid disappointment as this retreat will book out fast.

For Bookings Contact Kylie: ilovewildheartyoga@gmail.com or Call / Text 0458 111 181


Vera Flow
17 July 5.30pm – 7pm
With Camile

VeraFlow is a dance-based stretch class with mindfulness. Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this class like none other you have ever experienced. This is you time: Time out in your day to move your body, get a clear head and to get focused on the here and now.
The stretching is mixed into the dance routines and continues throughout the class. All the routines are choreographed to the music. ​ It’s a low impact class (we don’t jump) and the dance is more to have fun and warm up your muscles rather than get sweaty. The pliability we create in the muscles and increased mobility we gain at our joints allows us to make the most of the stretches. ​

The class starts with a warm-up, progresses through standing routines and then moves to the floor where we continue stretching to the beautiful music. It will end with a mindfulness practice.

Cost: $25 per person Limited spots

To book contact Camille at camille.garel17@gmail.com / Call / Text 0467 074 683

Yin & Yang Sound Session
24 July 3pm – 6pm
With Sarah & live music with D.J.Daddy Longlegs

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness” – Sakyong Mipham ✨

Join Sarah for a 3 hour movement and sound journey through the energies of yin + yang. This session will be accompanied by the supportive soundscapes of DJ Daddy Longlegs.

You will be guided through Meditation Breathwork Vinyasa Flow Yin Yoga ∙ The concept of yin + yang is that in duality we experience wholeness as both energies are inseparable yet interpenetrating. One can not exist without the other. These opposite yet complementary energies reside within all things and we encounter examples of them every day like the sun and moon, light and darkness, activity and rest, expansion and contraction, growth and decay. 

So how does this concept support our movement practice? ∙ By weaving the warm, dynamic, fluid movements of vinyasa flow with the deep, restful, and rejuvenating postures of yin yoga so that we can attune to creating harmony within the body + mind. ∙

What is YIN YOGA? Practiced meditatively using long-held poses with a focus of releasing muscle tension to strengthen and flex our connective, fascia and ligament tissues, mobilize our joints, and stimulate and soothe the nervous system. This practice helps to accumulate the vital life force (qi) within and to nourish and clear the meridian lines that house these energies in the body. With the support of our breath, yin turns our attention inwards allowing us to connect with the source of our life energy and to create harmony within. ∙

What is YANG YOGA? An active, dynamic, movement practice that targets the muscle groups, bones and marrow to stimulate inner heat and energy within the physiological system. This practice helps to spark the fire within, to challenge the mind, and lean into our personal power. Working to build strength while harmonizing into playful flow with breath. ∙

SOUND SESSION Hovering through frequencies of downbeat bass, various sub-textures & roots culture – Daddy Longlegs sets are always a carefully woven web of forward-thinking electronica. With an ever-evolving intrigue with music, DLL’s reputation as a selecta becomes more recognized with each set. With a host of eminent performances throughout a 15-year career, DLL’s creative orbit has brought him closer to a more ambient/chill artery of sound in recent times – and he is very excited to share and navigate this experience with you! ∙

We hope you’ll join us in this journey of movement + sound! ∙

Investment: $60 Bring: yoga mat + water Yoga experience recommended ∙

Bookings are encouraged as spaces are limited to 15 people ∙ Contact Sarah with questions or to book Call/Text: 0415 947 717 Email: moodmovementyoga@gmail.com

FB: www.facebook.com/moodmovementyoga

 Healing Circle for Sexual Trauma

Saturday 31st July 3pm to 5:30 pm
Wild Heart Yoga Tribe Cost $55

Sharing is a self love step to honour ourselves, to be vulnerable, vulnerability is love. You are invited to be yourself to free yourself in sacred space. It is time for us to transcend into a new way of being. This potent healing circle is a space which pillars uphold Trust, Truth, Love and Oneness.

In this sacred space you will be deeply held in love. Have the opportunity to BE all that you are and to transcend your trauma through: ⁃ sharing circle ⁃ Movement and expression, release/let go ⁃ Sound light code bath to upgrade heal and nourish ⁃ Be seen, heard, held and loved Jassie is a movement coach, yoga teacher energy alchemist/healer, womb healer and sound light activator. This event is a culmination of her years of knowledge. Over coming her own sexual trauma through these modalities Jassie is excited to share her gifts with her community to bring healing. Open to men and women of all ages and stages of life.

What to bring: ⁃ yoga mat, pillow and blanket ⁃ Water bottle ⁃ Journal ⁃ Something special for the altar if you desire ⁃ A flower for the altar

Places limited. To book contact Jassie on shehealthwellnessandfitness@outlook.com /

Call / Text 0400 094 539

a new age, intimate music show performed campfire-style
Saturday 7 August 5pm & 7.30m

Come, gather in circle, and immerse yourself in the contemplative songs & storytelling of “Elucidation”, a live show with new and original music written and performed by Cairns local, Belinda Griffin.

The audience is invited to listen and join in with the modern, lyric-driven score, richly imbued with spiritual chants & new age refrains, all wrapped around tales as old as time. 

Billed as an immersive, sonic journey from darkness to light, the show recently had two sold-out performances and glowing review at Brisbane’s “Anywhere Festival”.  This will be the first time Belinda has performed her show in FNQ, joined by the very talented, Caitlin Quinn. 

“Griffin’s music is the perfect blend of the best of Stevie Nicks and Shania Twain. That is, a blend of new age lyricism and honest country melodies. Being able to listen to Griffin explain the intention and imagery of each track made the work equally as intimate as it was cosmic. It truly was the perfect sonic sanctuary.”review, Anywhere Festival 2021

Date & Times:    Saturday 7 August 5:00pm & 7:30pm (1hr show)

Ticket prices:      Adult $25 (+BF) no concessions

Tickets:               https://www.trybooking.com/BSVHG 

Air Element Yoga & Sound Journey
Saturday 14 August 4.30-6.30pm

Air Element: Connect with the beauty of your breath. The breath is our life force energy, and defines the boundaries of our life from our first breath to our last breath. The breath is the pathway to receiving and letting go, the transmutation of dense energy into light and the alchemization of emotions.

We want to inspire you to fully breathe in life!!

 Renee is excited to bring the amazing angelic sounds of the Harmonic Whirlies, which have not been shared in community for many years. She will also be playing the Native American flutes, medicine drum, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, the crystal lyre and more.

Renee will also be sharing Qigong movements that harness the air element.


Jassie will be sharing her passion and wisdom of slow flow yoga connecting breath, the air element with the Heart, enabling you to embrace and expand into all that you are. Air element also represents spaciousness, stillness and presence. Restorative Yoga is a tool that allows you to deeply relax, and be fully present in the here and now, exploring the spaciousness within.


Soar like an Eagle on this journey of sound, movement, meditation and spiritual healing to step into a higher frequency and a new way of being.


What to bring:
– yoga mat

– Water, wear comfortable clothing to move in