December Workshops

“A beautiful collaboration with Sarah, Aurora, & Oden.

Saturday Dec 4th 4-7pm

It is a 3 hour deep immersion of meditation, yin yoga, breathe & sound.
There will be some really long, deep holds, so yin yoga experience is a must!
*trauma sensitive yin yoga*

Investment $75

To book your space please contact Sarah or Aurora.

Your space will be secured once payment is made.
*please note that spaces are non-refundable once purchased, but you are able to transfer to someone else.”

Makarlu Workshop

Join Jane
Sunday 5th December 11-12pm
A relaxing workshop utilising the fantastic Makarlu to create space and improve mobility throughout your body. This tool can be used to improve wrist and shoulder stability and glute/hamstring activation to enhance your yoga practise.

text 0411 384 566 to book or ask questions.
Limited numbers, bookings essential. Makarlu provided or BYO if you have your own set

Investment $30

Tree of Life Yoga & Sound Journey

Sat 11th December 4.30 – 6.30pm

A unique Yoga & Sound Journey, connecting with your tree of life to assist your journey of growth and expansion.
About this event
Join Jassie & Renee for an extraordinary Journey combining, medicinal qigong, Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing.

The Tree of Life begins as a seed breaking through the darkness of the soil, reaching towards the sun. The tree just like our spirit always grows towards the light, enabling you to move forward with vision and determination. The tree symbolises the power of birth and renewal, reminding us of our constant journey of death and rebirth as a human spirit.

The tree also teaches us how to adapt to circumstances as we develop the ability to bend with the wind and all that life brings us, rather than breaking. Our roots connecting deep into the earth create great strength and stability and nourishment. Yoga teaches us to flow and bend with life while remaining grounded and stable. Connecting with the earth deeply nourishes and revitalises us.

Renee will be creating sounds that will lift your spirits higher like the branches of the tree reaching into the heavens. Be soothed by the sounds of the crystal and tibetan singing bowls, Native American flute, gongs, chimes and more.

Investment: $55


Free pop up class bookings through Mindbody
Donation class to Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehab


SUN 12th Dec 2-3pm

During this 1 hour journey, I will help you to connect to your heart dimension and your inner source.
The present Light and my energy channel support the release of past memories in order to feel lighter, more joyful, and closer to your inner self,
Silence, music, and some guided talking during the session will accompany you throughout this journey.

Sacred Sound Immersion

SAT 18th DEC 4.00-6.00pm

Join Oden & Kate

You are invited to join us at Wild Heart Yoga Studio for a two-hour long immersive Sound Journey performed by Kate Godfrey and Oden Cosmos.
This expanded Sound Voyage will allow you to delve deep into your inner world. We will work through stagnant and trapped emotions using the vibrational power and sacred sounds of the;
Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, percussion, Medicine drum, Throat Singing and Compositional Soundscape, Native American Flute.
This journey is all about letting go of what does not serve you and affirming the future you desire.
Limited spots available.
If you are attending please bring a water bottle, yoga mat and anything else you require for comfort.
Please book early to secure your spot.
Investment: $55
Bookings through Oden.
ph: 0411 673 433