August Workshops

a new age, intimate music show performed campfire-style

Friday 6 August 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Saturday 7 August 5pm & 7.30pm

Come, gather in circle, and immerse yourself in the contemplative songs & storytelling of “Elucidation”, a live show with new and original music written and performed by Cairns local, Belinda Griffin.

The audience is invited to listen and join in with the modern, lyric-driven score, richly imbued with spiritual chants & new age refrains, all wrapped around tales as old as time.

Billed as an immersive, sonic journey from darkness to light, the show recently had two sold-out performances and glowing review at Brisbane’s “Anywhere Festival”.  This will be the first time Belinda has performed her show in FNQ, joined by the very talented, Caitlin Quinn.

“Griffin’s music is the perfect blend of the best of Stevie Nicks and Shania Twain. That is, a blend of new age lyricism and honest country melodies. Being able to listen to Griffin explain the intention and imagery of each track made the work equally as intimate as it was cosmic. It truly was the perfect sonic sanctuary.”review, Anywhere Festival 2021

Date & Times: 

Friday 6 August 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Saturday 7 August 5:00pm & 7:30pm (1hr show)

Ticket prices:      Adult $25 (+BF) no concessions


Air Element Yoga & Sound Journey
Saturday 14 August 4.30-6.30pm

With Jassie & Renee

Air Element: Connect with the beauty of your breath. The breath is our life force energy, and defines the boundaries of our life from our first breath to our last breath. The breath is the pathway to receiving and letting go, the transmutation of dense energy into light and the alchemization of emotions. We want to inspire you to fully breathe in life!!

Renee is excited to bring the amazing angelic sounds of the Harmonic Whirlies, which have not been shared in community for many years. She will also be playing the Native American flutes, medicine drum, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, the crystal lyre and more.

Renee will also be sharing Qigong movements that harness the air element.

Jassie will be sharing her passion and wisdom of slow flow yoga connecting breath, the air element with the Heart, enabling you to embrace and expand into all that you are. Air element also represents spaciousness, stillness and presence. Restorative Yoga is a tool that allows you to deeply relax, and be fully present in the here and now, exploring the spaciousness within.


Soar like an Eagle on this journey of sound, movement, meditation and spiritual healing to step into a higher frequency and a new way of being.

Investment: $55


What to bring:
– yoga mat

– Water, wear comfortable clothing to move in


Sound Healing Journey
with Jaye and Ross

20 August
6.30pm – 7.30pm

Join Ross and Jaye for a 1 hour sound healing journey… A glorious collection of sound healing instalments.

Weaving in the low vibrations of the didgeridoo helping us to release and ground back into gratitude and reconnecting with country. The hung drum that almost speaks to you, infusing the body with a hypnotic innocence, immerse yourself in the unique sounds of the gong to recalibrate the nervous system and resonate the cells of the body. Allowing the Native American flute and all its mystical qualities to lighten the soul revealing a peaceful state of consciousness. Feel connected with the beat of the medicine drums.

An evening with intention to explore all the layers of the self exactly as you are in the moment. Feel free to bring a blanket and pillow and all the things your body needs to feel comfy.

To book call or message Jaye 0437933606 as numbers are limited.

Investment $35pp

SOUND IN X3 WAYS … introducing Elani Butler to FNQ  Elani has relocated from Bryon Bay and is super keen to share her ‘thang with YOU!   Experience the inherent joy of sound and song in X3 ways. Harnessing the irrevocable power of sound, Elani facilitates participants to relax, unwind, heal, activate, energize, upskill, raise personal frequency and simply feel good with sound and song.  An exclusive opportunity for your body, mind and soul.  Spaces are limited and bookings are essential.   There are three parts to this journey:  1) Sound Immersion – lay back and relax while Elani sings and plays a variety of instruments in prayful devotion to assist in your deep relaxation process.  2) Vocal Workshop – with active games and lighthearted play you will unleash your Natural Ability to sing, learn some tricks of the trade and experience the joy of singing in harmony.  3) Mini Concert – Elani will share a selection of all original music from her latest album “Written In Bone” for your listening pleasure.  Spaces are limited for these intimate sessions.  Please purchase tix prior to event.  To experience Sound IN x3 Ways is to receive the benefits of Elani’s 30yrs live performance and recording experience coupled with 15yrs of sound for healing vocal workshop facilitation experience.  Assisting others to experience the sheer joy and healing capability of sound and song is Elani’s greatest passion and one of her main life missions.  Elani is dedicated to delivering an uplifting and meaningful journey for each and every guest who attends these exclusive events.  BYO yoga mat,  cushions, sarong and drinking water  for your own comfort.  Spaces are limited and bookings are essential.   Please arrive  15min early so as to be on time for Opening Induction.  enter  ‘Elani Butler’ into your favorite music platform to hear Elani’s latest album, “Written IN Bone”  SCHEDULE  x3 Events in x3 Locations  Sat AUG 14th – Thrive Yoga Tribe Studio – Atherton – 2pm – 5pm  Sat AUG 21st – Wildheart Yoga Tribe Studio – Edge Hill – 2pm – 5pm  Sat SEP 11th – Dragonfly Zen Studio – Cairns – 10am – 1pm


Investment $75

Sacred Sound Immersion
With Kate Godfrey & Oden Cosmos

You are invited to join us at Wild Heart Yoga Studio for a two-hour long immersive sound journey performed by Kate Godfrey and Oden Cosmos.

This sequence will allow our travellers to delve deep into their inner world and work through stagnant and trapped emotions through the vibrational power and sacred sounds of an array of instruments including:

Tibetan bowls, Crystal Bowls, gongs, percussion, Medicine drum, Throat Singing and Compositional Soundscape, native American Flute.

This journey is all about letting go of what does not serve you and affirming the future you desire. Limited spots available. If you are attending please bring a water bottle, yoga mat and anything else you require for comfort.

28 August
Investment $50

To book contact Oden on 0411673433