Discovering Pilates whilst working as a Personal Trainer, I was amazed to discover a whole new world of anatomy, strength and body awareness. Respecting the original repertoire of Joseph Pilates, combined with what we know about the human body today, I believes Pilates to be an essential part of health and well-being, a somewhat hidden ‘secret’ that everyone deserves to know about. You can expect to strengthen the deep postural muscles of the entire body as well as core strengthening during class. We’ll look after our hips, shoulders and spine whilst having a bit of fun Pilates can really complement your yoga practice – improve your shoulder stability in your down dog, your hip alignment in your warrior, your core stability in your cobra.
Outside of Pilates, I also enjoy practising yoga, bushwalking, cooking healthy foods, listening to music, reading books, gardening, painting, sitting in the sunshine, and cuddling my dogs.