Yoga has changed my life! It has helped me journey home creating a deep connection to my mind, body and spirit. It is within this space I have learnt to slow down from doing to being, and completely love myself. I started my yoga journey with core vinyasa, later continuing on to complete level 1 & 2 in restorative yoga. These teachings enabled me to live moment to moment to heal my body and connect with my true essence. Since then I have dedicated myself to learning the TriYoga system. Completing TriYoga basics level 1 and Prana Vidya (meditation) training.

I am a certified reiki healer and holistic pelvic care practitioner. I love using sound healing instruments in my classes to help revitalise and heal the body. My passion is to open my self up through breath and movement, creating a sacred space for you to do the same. The foundations of TriYoga are to Create mindfulness on and off the mat to create a space for you to connect deep within, relax into yourself and explore your inner landscape revitalising the body with love, joy and compassion.