Jaye and is very passionate about Yoga and a big believer in its transformative effects on mind, body and life. It opened her to a new way of thinking and has since become a trusted lifetime companion. Jaye sees Yoga as a priceless tool, providing a calm and safe platform to check inwards, enabling strength, connection and rejuvenation. Whether practicing Asana, Pranayama or meditation, that sense of ease never ceases to find its way onto the mat and into her day just by ‘showing up’. Jaye is qualified in Core Vinyasa, Prenatal and postnatal yoga and has taken a shine to the more quieter practices of yoga such as Restorative and Yin yoga and is continuing with further teacher trainings in both these modalities.. Jaye believes there is no “there” and the juicy bits are all in the learning and the journey.

A class with Jaye will always be a step closer towards happiness and health, whatever life throws your way.