New Students

Welcome to Wild Heart Yoga Tribe!

We love that you’ve chosen to give us an opportunity to share our services with you.

Here’s what you need to know.

Come in through our reception room. Unit 6/132 Collins Avenue. You can leave your shoes out front or in the cubbies provided. You can leave any non essential items in the cubbies while in class. One of our teachers will either be supervising the reception room or it will be locked while you are in class.

Our studio is a Book In studio so if your able to please book in for your first class through the App Mind Body or through our Schedule Section. If you can’t figure out how to do this please plan on coming in 15 min early so we can set you up with a pass and show you around.

We know that it can be intimidating coming into a new space and meeting new people but know that at the Tribe all are welcoming especially our teachers. If you are anxious about coming, bringing a friend is always an easy way to ease tensions and try something new.

We have a bathroom located outside behind our studio. You can wear our bathroom shoes or grab yours. “Please no shoes on in the Yoga room.” Note that we do not have showers available. You will need to grab the bathroom key which is pink and has a long lanyard located beside the back door. If it’s not there the bathroom is probably in use.

We have a changing room in our reception room but only one so if you plan on getting changed please come early or consider changing in the bathroom if the changing room is taken.

What you need to bring.

For your first visit we will allow you a free rental of one of our yoga mats but after that we expect you to bring your own mat. We have all the props you’ll need for practice but if you like you can use your own, we only ask if you use ours to treat them with respect and to clean and replace them the way you received them.

A water bottle and sweat towel will set you up for success. We offer a water filter for you to fill up your bottles.

What class should I go to?

We highly recommend if you are a complete beginner or have taken a significant amount of time away from your yoga practice to go to Slow Flow which is our beginner style class or one of these other classes will be suitable such as Gentle Yoga and Hatha for your first Class. These classes will teach you the foundations of yoga and poses you are likely encounter as you make your way into other classes. It also ensures you are familiar with basic technique and alignment to avoid unnecessary injuries.

When should I get to class?

Please arrive to class 10 – 15 minutes prior to start of class, so we can show you around and help you settle into the space.

New Student Offers

These offers are available first visit only and are non-extendable. You may choose to decide what pass to purchase after class, that way you get an epic deal to check out the Tribe and make sure we are the studio for you. Once you purchase a pass the sale is final and not able to be altered or refunded so make sure your ready to commit to your practice.
New Student Trial 14 days ($49)