Our Story

Wild Heart Yoga Tribe was a vision dreamed up by our Owners Kylie & Jay in 2017 who wanted to provide a collective space where people could positively connect, heal, grow and give back.

We have a passion for wild life conservation and actively encourage environmentally sustainable methods and a mindful mentality. We believeYoga is such a powerful tool for teaching people how to respect, love and honour themselves and everyone else.

As our studio grows we aim to provide retreats, events and services that support conservation, charity and community needs around the world and our biggest goal is to inspire all who walk into Wild Heart Yoga Tribe to take the lessons and philosophies out of the studio and out into the world.

Our space is a sanctuary for people regardless of differences and abilities to find common ground in actively trying to make the world a kinder, cleaner and more connected place. We offer many different types of yoga which you can read more about in the class styles sections but basically our aim is to have a studio that caters to all abilities and preferences so everyone can practice and revive the benefits of yoga.

Our studio has a homely feel with windows all around, with views of the mountains and forest along with a front view of Edge Hill’s main hub. We offer air con when it’s above 25 degrees and are constantly burning sage, incense and oils to bring a pleasant atmosphere to the studio. Please let us know if you have any allergies.

Our studio can have up to 25 students per class which is perfect for creating community without getting lost in the crowd. Our props are all eco-friendly and we are constantly investing in making sure you have the best quality experience. We clean our studio after each class and twice a week deep clean with all-natural cleaning products to ensure the space is always hygienic and welcoming for your visit.