My yoga journey began about eight years ago. I was studying social work in Berlin and
living a busy and buzzing city life. I always loved to move my body but the fitness studio or other sport didn’t give me enough. I felt the need to connect with myself and having moments of silence. Then I found YOGA and couldn’t get enough of it. I felt and still feel so grateful and connected after every yoga class. As a child I always loved to dance and sing, yoga can bring me back to this joy. Yoga brightens my day, brings joy and happiness into my life and taught me to live a more cautious and meaningful life.

After practicing for years I felt the desire of becoming a yoga teacher. I did my yoga
teacher training at a Hare Krishna village at the gold coast, where I could experience and live the yogic lifestyle. During the training we had a full schedule with at least on Kirtan (singing mantra meditation) per day, which I enjoyed a lot and try to incorporate in my yoga classes too.

I got trained in teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga. As soon as I started my teaching journey it felt like coming home.
In my classes you can expect a small meditation, breath work and a save guided practice. My aim is to create a safe and respectful space, where you can be guided in your yoga practice, where you can come home, recharge, challenge yourself and connect.

I am teaching vinyasa and slow flow classes, with the focus on creating a class that is
accessible to everyone. My classes are beginner friendly and I am trying to give a lot of options and variations.

I am looking forward to flow with you,