Hi! My name is Sarah and I have been in love with yoga for 7 years and counting. I first found yoga during a challenging time of my life and as my exploration with the practice grew, yoga enabled me to navigate the deep and lifelong journey through the layers of the human experience.

My offerings are to provide students with the skills to develop their own practice and to discover the benefits of yoga that translate on and off the mat. Everyone’s relationship with yoga will be different but developing a practice should ultimately lead you to a deeper inner connection, a stronger sense of your needs and desires, and tools to live an authentic, mindful and present life.

Yoga has provided me with a creative and exploratory outlet that has supported my physical, mental, and spiritual health. My style and influence is based on intuitive and emotive movements, accompanied by healthy alignment and form. Getting on the mat is a combination of playtime and therapy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

You can expect my classes to be creative and unconventional. We will explore movement that comes from a place of deep inner listening, experiencing the intelligence that lies within. You will be equally challenged and supported while recognising that through the “work” you are creating, learning, concocting, and healing.

Outside of yoga I love playing and hiking in nature, getting my hands dirty in the garden, being in the company of my favourite humans, creating art, laughing hard and loving harder.