What you need to know

Where are we located?

We are located at Unit 6/132 Collins Avenue, Edge Hill 4870, Queensland, Australia. We are upstairs between the Edge Hill Fuel Station and the restaurant NOA. You’ll find the stair well entrance between the parking lot and NOA and it has a rail guard in front of it. You are allowed to park out front or on the street for free but if staying longer than 1 class we ask you park on the street. Please note the back parking lot is for employees only. If riding a bike please lock it up out front with the bike racks provide by NOA. You are not allowed to bring your bikes or pets upstairs as is our buildings regulations.

Class info

We are open 15 minutes before every class. You can book in for class using the Mind Body scheduling app in the schedule section. If you have a hard time signing in, please contact us or just show up early to the first class you want to take but keep in mind that prefrence is given to those who pre book classes online. You can leave your personal items in the cubbies provided for students in the reception room. The reception room is left either under observation of our teachers or locked when class starts to keep your items safe but we would recommend keeping any valuable belongings at home or in your car. Please leave your phone out of the Yoga space unless on Call which in that case please let the teacher know in advance. If you are a New Student to our Tribe please check out the New Student section for more info.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own Yoga Mat to practice on. We have high quality mats you can rent for $5 per class, for your first visit we will waive the rental fee but after that you are responsible for bringing your own mat. All props, blocks etc are provided at the Tribe, but of course you are more than welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Please bring a sweat towel and a reusable water bottle to class. You are responsible for cleaning and replacing the props you use back the way you received them. We have a water filter you can full up your bottles with. Please note that we do not have shower facilities so if going out after a class you should bring a spare change of clothes or plan time to go home and change. Please no not leave class early to do this as it disrupts the rest of the class. If you need to leave class for any reason please do so quietly and respectfully. You are not allowed to leave during Savasana. Please let your teacher know if you plan on leaving early.

How can I pay?

We accept, Card, Cash, and Direct Debit (within 24 hours at latest or a $5 fee is acquired). You can also make payments through the “schedule” section by booking a class. Please note you will be unable to attend classes if your late fee is unpaid for more than 7 days.