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Meditation, strength, mobility, and community practices with soul. We care about you.

Time to make a change

Live With Ease

Don’t let fear hold you back from your growth, make a positive change today!


Classes to help you feel good and to honour your intentions.

With over 7 styles of yoga and qi gong we are here to give you a diverse experience to suit your needs each and every day. Strong, slow, gentle or flow, we’ve got it all.

Mellow Yoga

Gentle Yoga & Slow Flow.

Active Yoga

Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, & Power Yoga.

Restorative Yoga


Energy Work

Kundalini, Qi gong, Meditation & Bhakti Yoga.

Take 3 mindful steps to a more connected you:

Step 1

Sign up for your first class.

Sign up for the class that suits your interest and needs.

Step 2

Get to know the Tribe Vibe.

Now you have a community. It’s time to become the best version of yourself!

Step 3

Enjoy your Wild Heart wellness.

Enjoy the integrated feeling of yoga and the positive benefits of an ongoing practice.

Tribe Vibe Love

This is seriously the best yoga studio in Cairns. I have lived in Cairns since the mid 80s and these people are serious passionate and hearts wide open with their craft.”

Paula L

Wild Tribe is like a beautiful big family. I feel very lucky to learn from all of the incredible teachers. I highly recommend becoming part of the tribe!

Claire O