Our schedule is subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances, Holidays, teacher availability and class substitution. We prioritize online bookings through the app mind body. You can book through our schedule or by downloading the Mind Body on your phone. Please arrive 10 Min early for class. If not checked in 2 min prior to class start you forfeit your booking to those waiting for a space. We give priority to 1 class sign up per day. If you decide to take more than one you will be subject to availability so that every one has a chance to take yoga. If the class is full we will ask for volunteers to give up their space and if none do we will ask all who have already taken a class to kindly leave so those who haven’t can take a class. This is up to our discresion and we will do our best to honour the online bookings over walk in’s. Please understand that as our studio becomes more popular and our teachers in more demand it becomes challanging for us to navigate space in a way that is equal to all tribe members.