Welcome to Your Yoga Sanctuary


We’re dedicated to lifting the corners of your mouth.

Wild Heart Yoga Tribe was started with a simple intention. To provide the diversity of yoga classes and styles so that everybody has a place in the tribe and to inspire our community to “Be the Change” by encouraging mindfulness, conservation, and community connection. We don’t have mirrors because we want to encourage you to look inward. Our space is full of plants, eco friendly props and we’re always using scents like sage, essential oils and incense. Our studio has views of the surrounding rainforest and even has a mural of our local rainforest and our favorite creatures. We have a reception room where you can store your things, get changed, and check out our eco shop where we offer yoga mats, clothing, books, oils and other yoga related things. We’re located by some of Cairns top cafes and restaurants where you can grab a juice or coffee before or after your class and hang out with your local tribe members. Our aim is to make wild heart feel like your second home.


Meet the Wild Heart Instructors!

Jay Horton


Hello! I started my yoga journey in California to help with surfing and quickly became addicted. It really opened me up, gave me confidence, and a sense of spirituality that I hadn’t been able to articulate before. I Love yoga and am always learning more about it’s philosophy and history. Yoga made my biggest dream of moving to Australia possible where I met my lover Kylie, welcomed our daughter Savi, and started our dream studio! You can always expect to sweat, a theme, rad music, and I love teaching hand balancing! I am honored to share my passion with you. 

Kylie Bertram


My passion is to teach through yoga how to embody your body, to normalise human emotion and feelings and how in a healthy way allow and process what needs to be felt instead of keeping it stuck in the somatic body, I teach you how to tap into your beautifully raw and magically messy self through movement , mantras (chanting is another passion of mine) mudras and Breath work. I guide you back to a reconnection of self to allow you to thrive and feel alive as you are. I look forward to sharing, connecting, flowing and holding space on the mat with you soon. 

Aurora Packer 


I found my first yoga class in London, it was like a time just stopped. I knew I had stumbled onto something that would change the course of my life. I believed in the transformative and healing power of this practice. Not having an understanding of what this practise was I knew I wanted more, so I took myself to India to immerse in my first Ashtanga Yoga teacher training. I then found Yin Yoga. Yin changed everything. Yoga awakens our physical, mental and emotional potential. My intention is to provide a safe space to guide you through this powerful practice.

Sarah McDonald


I came to yoga thinking it was just exercise but quickly realised there was more to it. I found it helped me navigate different layers of my human experience. As a teacher, I intend to help students reduce stress, find balance, & create connection – to step out of their comfort zone and experience their inner healer. I like to integrate the traditional roots of yoga with modern concepts while offering yoga in a way that is accessible & relatable. I teach flow & yin and I look forward to sharing this practice with you!

Megan Gauglitz


I absolutely love to teach the mindful, sacred movement practice of yoga. In my vinyasa class you can expect a challenging, yet grounding and inspiring sequence. In my gentle class you can expect restorative movements and guided meditation.  

I began my yoga journey primarily as a way to give structure to my spiritual practice. As my practice has developed it has become a beautiful way to explore the most precious aspects of life. Wild Heart Yoga Tribe truly upholds community and wellbeing and it is my honour to teach here. I hope to see you in the studio! 

Teneale Reid


Sat Nam, 

Kundalini found me on a Melbourne holiday in 2014 and what a transformational journey it has been! Kundalini yoga is as much of a spiritual and mental practice as it is a physical. I will guide you in self acceptance, creativity, commitment, compassion, personal truth, intuition, boundlessness, and radiance in our time together. We chant, sing, move and work with the breath all to elevate your conscious awareness to activate the kundalini energy at the base of the spine. Keep an open mind and you will fall in love with the practice just like I did!  

Helen Watson


My yoga practice ignited a fierce spark within me to learn ways to help others move through life with less anxiety and more clarity, freedom and connection, and guided me to train as a massage therapist and movement teacher. 

Qigong and Breathwork are helping me to share simple, accessible tools and techniques to build vitality and longevity. My classes are always warm and welcoming and I aim to help you feel lighter, brighter and more free in your life. I’m a playful and passionate spirit and you can learn more about me and my massage business here: www.thebreathingspace.com.au

Cathy Brooks


Yoga for me is a lifelong practice of continuous learning and growth. To be embodied with my body allows me to feel the different sensations that arise on my mat, whether it be pleasure, sadness or love, there is no right or wrong way to be. If we do not create the space to feel and move our body, we suppress and store stagnant energy, over time this results in disease, illness, and mental struggle. I welcome all parts of you onto the mat, I create a safe space for you to arrive. I feel grateful to be able to share the space with each and everyone of you.

Jodi Noden


What started as a purely physical practice has slowly evolved to a more meditative and reflective focus. Yoga has helped me become stronger and more flexible, physically, emotionally, and mentally, supporting my personal growth beyond the mat. Off the mat I enjoy diving, I’m passionate about environmental conservation, and all things health, studying Exercise and Sport Sciences and working in Allied Health and active recovery. 

In class we explore different ways to cultivate better body awareness with our breath, poses, and spirit. I am deeply honoured to share this practice with you. 

Felice Wong 


I started my yoga journey in 2012, it has become an inseparable part of my life.

I am passionate, curious and love all kinds of outdoor activities. I believe in Attitude Is Everything!

You can expect power, strength and creative flow combined with yoga philosophy in my classes. I promise you it will be fun!

As much as we are working on our physical body, we are also working towards stillness, peace, freedom in the mind space and in our lives off the mat.

Your invited to join me on the mat, you will leave my classes with a big smile and feeling uplifting!